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King Pin

King pin or roller thrust bearings are incredibly used in automobile industry. King pin bearings support the movement of high speed running front wheels with manipulation of steering process. We manufacture the king pin bearings for four wheelers and other machines also. We design, manufacture and fabricate with perfect finishing for cars, trucks, autos, tractors, earth movers and other types of machinery where it is to be used. Roller thrust bearings are design, engineered in many sizes and capacity according to the type of functionality of it. Our king pin bearings are of high quality, corrosion resistive and durable. We fabricate the various roller thrust bearings with the help of best quality raw metal material which provide a good lifetime to the bearings and better lubricant preventing facility. We design it according to the needs of our customer and custom sizes. We offer a large range of king pin bearings for all type of automobile machines and heavy duty vehicles at affordable rate.


SNo. Bearing No.
Boundary Dimension In MM
d D T
Load Capacity (Newton's)
Static Dynamic
Approx Weight Kgs
1 T 101 25.654 50.800 15.875 105000 47000 0.134
2 T 119 30.416 55.562 15.875 115000 53000 0.165
3 T 126 32.004 55.562 15.875 115700 50900 0.140
4 T 138 35.179 66.675 19.446 312800 17600 0.300
5 T 144 36.754 66.675 19.446 316700 105900 0.290
6 T 151 38.354 72.619 21.433 337300 114700 0.370
Above bearing are available in taper roller and cylindrical roller with TR or SR suffix. (e.g. T138 TR & T138 SR)