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Clutch bearings are designed for engagement and disengagement of clutch system in commercial vehicles and heavy automobiles. Clutch release bearings are used to reduce the friction force between pressure plate levers and prevent resistance during the clutch engagement process. Clutch bearings are manufactured basically for vehicle accessories and clutch systems and sealed pack with using lubricant as its outer structure. Our company manufactures various types of clutch release bearings for various automobile applications. All type of clutch bearings are engineered and manufactured with considering high standards which increase the durability and performance of clutch bearing. We provide proper design with casing of clutch bearing which allows the perfect fitting without any modifications. High quality metal material for clutch bearing manufacturing meets the standards and performs with smooth operation.

We manufacture clutch bearings of different diameters viz. 45 mm to 50 mm and with distinct load capacities. Our clutch bearings implement for various heavy automobiles and vehicles such as cars, trucks and tractors. Our precise design and super finished clutch bearings are widely used and appreciated by our customers.


SNo. Bearing No.
Boundary Dimensions In MM
d D T
Load Capacity (Newton's)
Static Dynamic
Limiting Speed RPM
Grease Oil
Approx Weight Kg
1 1888451 45.00 86.60 28.00 19500 30000 8000 - 0.630
2 306445 - C 50.00 81.60 25.00 18000 28100 8700 - 0.450
3 1888180 50.00 91.60 29.00 22000 32000 7000 - 7000